Spero Pitch

Spero Pitch

"The design of Spero is based on the idea that a good product should be intuitive, easy-to-use, customizable, productive, and should function as a benefit to society."


Spero is a free-form 3D model design program that uses common videogame controls and removes the education/learning-curve requirements of current 3D modeling software programs. With the simplicity of playing connect-the-dots, anyone able use the basic keyboard videogame movements of W/A/S/D can easily create 3D game models that also save 3D printable models. (tested ages: 8-53) The mobile version of Spero is in development and will be available before the new year.

The game models you make in Spero will also be used in the upcoming Animation and Game modes. The Design mode is complete, pending updates and bug fixes, so it was released; this allows anyone to build and 3D print whatever they wish with ease, and is currently available at www.scaisoftware.com/Spero.html and a repository download for each version is held at the developer's personal repository: www.salvationofecho.com/Software/spero

Please check out the 22-Step Treasure Chest Tutorial on Spero's page to see how easy it is to make amazing designs in such a simple manner.

I'm building Scai Software on doing things right and being transparent, like not using website 'cookies' and showing build file locations within Spero. The video game industry has become stagnant, so I'm seeking to change that. There is no CAD software on the market like Spero ..or that utilizes free-form 3D design ..or that does it in videogame controls.


"Spero is an easy to use alternative to other 3D modeling software. I had huge difficulties with programs like Blender and Maya, but with Spero I feel like I can really create something fantastic!" -Nick S. Bachelor's of Science in Computer Engineering (Sophomore @ Daytona State, FL)

[Spero Basics]

Spero is set to become an all-inclusive one-stop program for 3D model design with familiar game controls to build, 3D print, animate, and play games with, built around open community idea & design sharing. Spero's designs can be used as build-on templates and are meant to be shared with all model designs file location openly shown to the user with a shortcut folder created within the program. Users can sign-up to become Builders on our website to submit a limited amount of designs which will be hosted within the program (in the next version). The method for this data relay can be seen in another one of my products I created to help with COVID19 that I'm re-working into a business GPS app (www.salvationofecho.com/treatmenttracker). This method could be automated, but freedom of design necessitates an intermediary to ensure that designs that should not be shared publicly will not be hosted by the company. It is one of my hopes in secure funding to hire someone and delegate these basic tasks to in the future.

If you know someone that plays computer games or is into IT/Computers, if you can get them to give Spero an honest 30-60 minutes, they'll be able to tell you how amazing it is. Everyone that's actually sat down and used my program has been amazed at how simple everything is and what it can do. It currently needs a UI facelift and a few minor tweaks, but the Design mode is done and I'm currently working on the next version with new features like the 'Shatter' function that allows uploading of 3D models into the program for editing and the first Game mode to be implemented: 3D Platformer. The concepts of build-your-own game map to share has already been proven a success with games like Mario Maker; which is why I'm doing what they didn't and doing it in 3D with the 3D Platformer Game mode going in first. There are 11 Game modes (all listed in Spero) and a 3D Blueprint/Draft mode planned for architectural blueprint design. The game mode going in second is the Dungeons and Dragons style mode that is a re-creation of my 8000+ room MUD (multi-user dungeon) game from the 90's (Castle Arcanum). This seems like a logical 2nd game mode due to the steady fan base and lack of Peer-to-Peer software for an authentic D&D experience, and Spero will be able to provide that build, share, play experience. Then I'll be doing the 1st Person and 3rd Person Shooter game types just because they're popular; but I personally feel like the market is already saturated with too many "Build a FPS" programs and with new AAA Shooters coming out annually, it would make no sense to do Shooters before the more viable Platformer and D&D game modes; both of which garner a high fanbase and much less competition in annual game releases on their genres.

[Revenue Generation]

The best part of Spero is that it's 100% FREE!! The revenue generation, starting next version, is based on banner ads via Unity Ads API during the Design mode, Animation mode, level building parts of the Game mode, and specifically placed within Game mode menus so as not to interrupt the user's experience. There will be a future non-Ad version available to be sold in a DLC packet style for whichever modes you wish to remove ads from. This model allows the user to either pay nothing and view ads or pay for selective ad-free services. Any version in a scholastic setting would be customizable for school administrators and remain without ads or DLC locks. It is my hope to eventually bring on sponsors to host in-game packs, much like the Builders packs, to allow users to use branded items within their games to advertise much like product placement on tv programs. The numbers on this idea are as follows:


Taking a standard advertising budget into consideration:

Starting at $1000 per month for the first advertiser, each subsequent advertiser causes a subtraction of 1% from the total cost. This lowers the total cost for each advertisers' "pack" as the community of advertisers grows.

1 advertiser = advertiser pays $1000 per month = $1000 monthly revenue
13 advertisers = advertisers pay $894.90 per month = $11633.70 monthly revenue
71 advertisers = advertisers pay $499.31 per month = $35451.01 monthly revenue

At 71 advertisers, each advertiser would be paying half of the price if there was only 1 advertiser. This incentivizes companies with multiple brands to buy more slots or to bring on partners to lower the cost ratio. I believe this method would build an allied community and grow revenue while exponentially decreasing costs to advertising partners to show that we're a community-driven company, not a greedy one. To avoid the notion of premium slotting, and in the spirit of supporting our early partners, any advertisers of this manner are sorted by a category tag then on a first-come slotting basis within that category, to show we support those early adopters. Slot positions will be removed if payments are not upheld.


[How Spero Can Help The World]

Spero's an amazing program that I've built from the ground up because I initially had trouble with the 3D design software on the market and that eventually evolved into something that can genuinely help the world in many ways:

- The 3D print feature was added in 2020 to help create at-home jobs based around 3D printing/selling of products on sites like Etsy.com. Print files are .stl format which is used by 95% of 3D printers; plastics, metals, wood, rubber, food... anything can be 3D printed in almost any material you wish to print your designs in.

- Children that are interested in video games can explore the world of 3D design/animation with education barriers removed, unlike what you'd use in a college class (Maya/Blender/etc), by providing video game controls in a unique free-form design method like no other CAD software on the market. If you can play connect-the-dots and move with (w/a/s/d + mouse) videogame controls, you can create whatever you envision with ease in Spero. Tested ages range from 8 to 53, and all were able to grasp the functionality and build as they wished after 30-60 minutes; the longest time it took anyone to understand how to use was just a little over an hour.

- People can reduce the crazy over-seas shipping costs of parts because of COVID19 by printing their own parts or a community, like a school or church, could design something for 3D printing to help contribute for those in need or an emergency situation for their community or charities.

* Please note that the 3 ways listed above are how Spero can CURRENTLY help the world. The end goal will also completely disrupt the videogame industry. Along with user-built terrains, Spero's game modes will also feature procedural terrain draws based on sound wave algorithms (octave, frequency, amplitude) that cut through voxels (ex: Minecraft is made of voxels); this function is displayed at Spero's title screen with those beautifully smooth terrains in the background. The title screen's terrain parameters, along with the textures, are randomly pulled whenever you start Spero.

[Personal Vision for Spero]

I hope you'll check out Spero and what Scai Software has to offer because I'm dead-set on changing some things in this world. Nothing's going to stop me from walking this path I'm on, but you could really help me get there faster.

I envision a world where Spero is in every school with a STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics). Children grasping a better understanding of 3D design, animation, and game development from an earlier age to allow more time for growth in their chosen field that Spero may help them grow in (architecture, game design, aerospace, etc..) A world where middle school and high school children are designing models in a STEM classroom during the day, perhaps even printing them for concepts of aerodynamics, structural integrity, geometric formations, etc.. Then later going home excited and playing their own games they made with Spero online with their friends using the game models they designed that day in school.

As of August 15th 2021, NASA is seeking to 3D print materials from moon rocks in future colonization missions, and with Scai Software being a NASA SBIR affiliate, we're in a prime position to help expand humanity's space colonization 3D printing development needs.

[Side-note about another program, "The Vault"]

Beyond Spero, there are 5 other software programs in development. 'The Vault' uses all standard English 'qwerty' keys and is a byte-breakdown file encryption program with ( ( (69!^X) x1000 ) x2 ) encryption difficulty. (that's 69 factorial, to the power of X (the input password length), times 1000, times 2) With just a 4 digit password, using the factorial probability formula, C(n,r), the difficulty would be 1:1729002000; with a 10 digit password used at encryption, this would become 1:680064898656 per digit combination difficulty.

Thank you for your time, I hope you'll check out our flagship software program, Spero, with vested interest in how it could help change the world, and we look forward to answering any questions you may have.

If you are a potential investor, or should you already happen to know anyone interested, please have them contact us at:

Spero's Page