In it's current development state (open beta), Spero is a free-form 3D Computer Assisted Design (CAD) program. If you can play a PC game and connect-the-dots, you can easily build anything with this program and a 3D printer.

"Spero is an easy to use alternative to other 3D modeling software.
I had huge difficulties with programs like Blender and Maya,
but with Spero I feel like I can really create something fantastic!"

Nick S., Daytona State - Sophomore, Bachelor's of Science in Computer Engineering

Spero brings simplicity to free-form design with videogame controls, giving anyone the ability to create 3D designs with a simple point-and-click building method.

All builds can be shared, 3D printed, and used as design templates.

**Mobile, Animation, and Game Modes are in development**

Updates coming next version (1.08)

New Features

+ 'Shatter' feature: Allows import of 3D model's .stl file and breaks down the polygons to be used within Spero.
+ 3D Platformer Game Mode
+ Updated UI.
? Possibly the basic computer model 3D Animation Mode for use in game models

Bug Patches

- Auto-fullscreen on program start with certain screen resolutions.
Work-Around: use alt-enter for window resizing as a work-around if you're experiencing this issue.

- The title screen animation hangs on certain screen resolutions as well. This has also been fixed for the next version.

- 1 Easter Egg being removed.

- Issues with the 'Square Draw' mode from prior partial mode implementation.

Game modes to be implemented are listed within Spero. (most types)

If you wish to become a Spero Builder/Designer, apply here

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